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Myth or Reality  


Macau CLOSER is proud to announce the “Macau 2024 - Camões: Myth or Reality Photography Competition” in partnership with Halftone photography magazine, the Portuguese Bookshop and the Macau Literary Festival.

This year is the 500th anniversary of the birth of famous Portuguese poet Luis Camões, who is believed to have lived part of his life here in Macau. 

More important than knowing whether or not Camões was in Macau, is understanding if his presence is still visible here in the city today and if so, where. 

Thus, this year’s photo competition is entitled “Camões: Myth or Reality” and looks for answers in the verses that immortalized him.


"Love is a wound that hurts yet isn’t felt"

"My song shall spread where ever there are men,

If wit and art will so much guide my pen"

"Times change, as do our wills"

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